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Waxing Machine


March 25, 2016

( Differ-Ant )

Artwork: Fred Rousse & Cyril Humeau
Texts & Music: C. Humeau, except "The Sun" (C. Humeau / F. Rousse)


Cyril Humeau   : lead vocals, rhythm guitar, synths, piano, mellotron, backing vocals

Fred Rousse     : drums, percussion, backing vocals

Martial Tezza     : bass, backing vocals

Damien Zaniolo: lead guitar, backing vocals


# Recorded & Produced by Wax Me @ Le Studio (Buzet/Tarn) 
# Mixed by Jeff Fernandez & Neil Conti @ The Minimoon Studio (Montpellier) 
# Mastered by Mike Marsh @ The Exchange Mastering (London)




“This 7-track EP gives pride of place to very catchy 'so British' pop that you won't be able to get out of your head easily...”  INDIEPOPROCK

“Copious with its seven titles, it digs with an enthusiasm that is a pleasure to hear a power-pop groove, both muscular and catchy, which perfectly holds the course of the 25 minutes that the disc lasts....”  POPNEWS

“Somewhere between XTC, The Feelies, Squeeze, the pop “songs” of Wax Me embellish the whole space as if by magic...”  JACK

“It's hard to believe that this is the first EP of this quartet which immediately blows your mind with its catchy melodies and exhilarating choruses that we quickly take back at the top of our lungs...”  On rails

“Wax Me, which was unknown to me until then, is a kind of almost perfect pop rock group, something made “internationally”, fine but frank guitars, a song in front of which it is impossible not to flinch unless you sink in fundamentalism or shameless lying...”  CAFZIC

“Managing the 7-track EP in self-production is very promising and promises great things for the future. Recorded with Neil Conti (ex-David Bowie drummer) in London, the EP is full of little gems to discover as soon as possible...”  UNITED SONS

“WAX ME arrives on the French scene with a completely mind-boggling first EP. This band from Toulouse enters the pop/rock scene with titles that will pulverize your hatches.  MUSICAL

“We find everything that the Beatles brought to the melodies and what Cheap Trick boosted with saturated guitars.”  ROCK MADE IN FRANCE

”(…) if the quartet is distinguished by its rock energy on half of the titles, it also shows great melodic ease (Like a Fish That Goes To Spawn) and it even handles the art of the piano ballad perfectly – vocals (Once Upon a Time In My Mind).”  MusikPlease

”(…) these 7 titles combine freshness and efficiency”  OPUS


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